Represented female driver of automobile wrongfully denied uninsured motorist insurance coverage by her own auto insurance company. Client suffered severe and permanent shoulder injury from crash caused by uninsured driver. After her own insurance company denied uninsured motorist insurance coverage, a lawsuit was filed, and after a trial in Coos County Superior Court, coverage was ordered to be paid. The insurance company appealed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. While the appeal was pending, the case was settled during a private mediation session.

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  • Represented elderly female driver of automobile with respect to uninsured motorist insurance claim with her own insurance company. Client was actually involved in two separate automobile collisions in less than ninety days, neither of which was her fault, according to the investigating police officers. One of the insurance companies involved declared itself “insolvent”, a form of insurance company bankruptcy. Negotiations with multiple insurance companies also included the necessity of establishing which injuries were caused by each separate collision. After lawsuits in Coos County Superior Court were filed against the drivers in each of the two collisions, the insurance companies involved settled both of client’s claims, one of which was considered an “uninsured motorist” claim due to the bankruptcy of one of the insurance companies involved.
  • Represented woman with respect to obtaining third-party “medical payments” coverage under commercial liability policy arising out of slip-and-fall incident. Insurance company argued that “med-pay” claim was time-barred under terms of policy despite contrary representations by adjusters in correspondence. After a lawsuit against the insurance company was filed in Coos County Superior Court, the insurance company reversed its position and paid the full amount of the outstanding med-pay coverage prior to hiring counsel.
  • Represented husband of woman killed while a passenger on a four-wheel All-Terrain Vehicle. Lawsuit was filed in Grafton County Superior Court against the estate of the operator of the ATV. Insurance companies for the operator of the ATV all denied insurance coverage, and a further lawsuit was filed on the issue of insurance coverage. After Superior Court upheld denial of insurance coverage, case was appealed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Supreme Court agreed with the denial of insurance coverage in an unreported decision, summarily affirming the trial court’s decision.
  • Represented teenage male passenger involved in two-vehicle crash on slippery winter roads. Client suffered fractured pelvis and traumatic brain injury due to crash, requiring extensive hospitalization. Case settled prior to suit with insurance company for driver that caused the crash, but resulting underinsured motorist insurance claim was denied. After suit was filed against the underinsured motorist insurance company, the underinsured motorist claim settled with the insurance company for the available insurance policy limits.
  • Represented female homeowner who was sued due to a dog bite to a child that happened on her property. Client’s own insurance company denied homeowner’s insurance coverage for the lawsuit. Lawsuit was filed in Coos County Superior Court to force insurance company to cover the dog bite claim. After several depositions, the homeowner’s insurance company settled the dog bite claim, with no personal exposure to the client.