Represented county government in dispute with elected county official over additional requested payments for outside work beyond the scope of the elected official’s salaried position. Successfully obtained dismissal of county official’s lawsuit.

  • Represented owner of company that bought and sold logging and farming equipment in long-term dispute with town over expansion of business and need for municipal approvals. Representation included several days of bench trial in Coos County Superior Court, an appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, and multiple, repeated planning board hearings. Ultimately, planning board approvals for expansion were obtained.

Represented community organization intending to develop multi-use apartment complex in litigation over municipal approvals, and legitimacy of municipal ordinances. After favorable decision on some issues in Coos County Superior Court, case was appealed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court on other issues which the trial court declined to rule on. The Supreme Court summarily affirmed the trial court’s decision to not decide the other issues in an unreported decision.Click here for full-text of Superior Court Order

Represented village district in taxation dispute with town over remittance of collected district taxes, and disagreement over interpretation of New Hampshire’s statutory scheme and mechanism for collection and remittance. After lawsuit was filed in Grafton County Superior Court, successfully negotiated favorable settlement on behalf of village district.Click here for full-text of lawsuit filed in Grafton County Superior Court

Represented town government with regard to ongoing attempts by private landfill developers to expand solid waste facility. Representation included many years of hearings in Grafton County Superior Court, the New Hampshire Supreme Court, and local zoning and planning board proceedings relative to repeated landfill permitting applications and expansion attempts.

  • Represented several landowners in federal eminent domain proceedings initiated by international natural gas pipeline conglomerate. Representation included appearances within and substantial discovery in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Hampshire. Several claims settled during mediation sessions conducted by the federal judges involved, but one case proceeded to a federal bench trial. The case settled after the first day of trial.

Represented county government in taxation dispute with city over payment and collection of unpaid county taxes. Successfully appealed adverse superior court decision to New Hampshire Supreme Court, which ruled completely in favor of client. Decision reported as County of Coos v. City of Berlin, 146 N.H. 90 (2001).

Click here for full-text of Supreme Court Opinion