COLEBROOK, New Hampshire (April 12, 2019) – Country Day School is pleased to announce that a new non-profit organization, Colebrook Community Child Care (“CCCC”), will be acquiring its child care center. CCCC has partnered with Country Day School’s former owners, Amy Brooks and Dana Weir, to complete the transition without disruption to services. Country Day School provides exceptional child care and is one of only three centers in Coös County that is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (“NAEYC”). CCCC’s mission is to continue to fill the child care and early childhood development needs in Colebrook and surrounding areas.

The new organization, CCCC, is served by a talented and diverse board of directors consisting of local community members with backgrounds in early childhood education, health care, small business administration, forestry mensuration, law enforcement, and Country Day School parents. Katelyn Ryder, a talented and experienced Country Day School teacher, has been promoted to Acting Center Director. Amy Brooks, Country Day School’s founder, is serving as its Pedagogical Administrator (training teachers and advising on curriculum, among other services). Michelle Rancourt of Rancourt Trucking, Inc. is providing volunteer bookkeeping services.

As a non-profit, CCCC will benefit from lower operational costs as well as eligibility for a variety of grant funding sources. In particular, the Coös County Job Creation Association (“CCJCA”), another local non-profit organization, has provided significant grant funding to assist with this transition. CCCC’s President, Devon Phillips, commented that “we are so grateful for CCJCA’s belief in our mission—we simply could not have taken over Country Day School without its assistance.” CCCC’s new board of directors is already working on several additional exciting grant opportunities that can be used to improve its facilities, materials and offer new training opportunities to its teachers.

For more information about CCCC, or if you wish to help CCCC with its mission to continue providing high-quality child care and early childhood education, please contact Sandra Cabrera of Waystack Frizzell at 603-237-8322. The center is now accepting applications for new students, and its staff would be happy to give you a tour of the facility and a chance to meet its talented teachers.