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NH Legal Assistance

A nonprofit law firm that assists people who experience economic hardship that threatens their basic human needs.

NH State Courts System

The New Hampshire Judicial Branch is a valuable resource for citizens, jurors, students, and lawyers.

NH Probate Courts

The Probate Division of the NH Judicial Branch is the place to go for all matters relating to wills, trusts and estates, guardianships, adoptions, name changes, equity, and involuntary commitment proceedings.

NH Family Courts

The Family Division of the New Hampshire Courts can be found in 28 key locations in ten counties throughout the state. These courts handle child support, domestic violence petitions, minor guardianships, parental rights termination, abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency, divorce and parenting actions, and some adoptions.

NH District Courts

The Circuit Court District Division handles motor vehicle matters, small claims, landlord-tenant disputes, misdemeanor and violation-level offenses, civil cases, and stalking issues.

NH Federal Court

The NH Federal Court in Concord has exclusive jurisdiction in cases involving disputes between parties from different states, controversies between states, violations of federal law, and suits by or against the federal government.

NH Bankruptcy Court

The NH Bankruptcy Court hears personal and business bankrupt cases, including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13.

NH Statutes

The New Hampshire Statutes are enacted by the state’s legislative body. Many authorize administrative regulations or modify court decisions that include statutory interpretation.

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