A copy of the Court’s order can be read here.

The Carroll County Superior Court issued a ruling on Friday dismissing all parts of the pending lawsuit which included complaints by two county commissioners against former Carroll Commissioner Asha Kenney of Wakefield, and her complaints against them.  Back in June 2014, Commissioner David Sorensen of Conway and Commissioner David Babson of Center Ossipee, filed a petition with the Superior Court seeking removal of then-Commissioner Kenney.  At the time, the two commissioners explained that their removal petition was necessary because of many complaints brought by several county employees against then-Commissioner Kenney, including claims of harassment and right-to-know violations.  Then, Commissioner Kenney filed a countersuit back at Sorensen and Babson, claiming that they were mismanaging several county administration issues.

Former Commissioner Kenney did not seek re-election, and her replacement Dennis Miller took office in January 2015.  Attorney Sandra Cabrera of the Waystack Frizzell law firm in Berlin, New Hampshire, then filed a motion on behalf of Sorensen and Babson to dismiss Kenney’s complaints against them, arguing that since Kenney was no longer a commissioner, she no longer had standing to bring the removal petition against the other commissioners.  Judge Charles Temple of the Superior Court agreed, also ruling that the claims to remove Kenney were no longer ripe, since she was no longer a commissioner.  As a result of these two rulings, the pending lawsuit is completed.